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West Palm Beach, FL – Stem Cell Center Network, the subsidiary entity of Global Stem Cells Group, an international network of doctors, educators, and practitioners all working to advance the study of regenerative medicine in our world today, this week excitedly announced as part of their effort to establish facilities on every continent, they are opening a new practice in West Palm Beach, Florida.

To integrate more than 15-doctors who have practiced regenerative medicine in the greater West Palm Beach area, these individuals will work together to help patients through regenerative medical practices.

“We have taken a preemptive approach to this office launch and have trained all of the members of this new center in the latest regenerative medicine techniques, as well as provided all of the necessary supplies and equipment that they need to launch a successful practice,” said Mr. Benito Novas, Founder and Owner of Global Stem Cells Group. “We take pride in the quality of equipment and medical infrastructure that we provide for all of our practitioners.”

This West Palm Beach facility will be the network’s fifth center located in the United States. It is the 30th office for the network worldwide, and confirms that Stem Cell Center Network is one of the largest regenerative medical networks functioning in the world today.

“We are a group that embodies the best and brightest regenerative medical minds available in the world today,” said Mr. Benito. “Everyone from Dr. Feinman to Dr. Purita, internationally regarded for their groundbreaking regenerative work, are part of the Global Stem Cells Group framework. Without our members, we wouldn’t be the kind of international network we have come to cultivate today. Spread the word on the official opening of our new center in West Palm Beach, and head on over to our website to learn more about our programs, courses, fellowships, and more.”

Every member of the Global Stem Cells Group network is required to keep in contact with other members, ensuring all new doctors feel welcomed and supported in their medical quests.

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