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Benito Novas, CEO, Global Stem Cells Group

Benito Novas, founder, CEO and creative director of Global Stem Cells Group. Mr.Novas spearheaded and launched Stem Cell Training Inc. to provide professional training courses in stem cell therapies for physicians. 

Mr. Novas oversees Stem Cell Training’s marketing programs, finance strategies, field operations administration, policies, procedures and accreditation. Prior to founding The Global Stem Cells Group, Mr. Novas was President and CEO of Adimarket, Inc.

A critical thinker and analytical problem solver with solid relationship building skills, Mr. Novas is a proven leader and team builder who is able to manage, motivate, and train staff. 

Most recently, Mr. Novas co-authored a book with Catherine Maley from Cosmetic Image Marketing titled, “Your Aesthetic Practice: A Complete Guide: What Your Patients Are Saying.” Catherine Maley and Benito Novas work closely together to help aesthetic and cosmetic practitioners worldwide. 

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