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Enrique Testart, M.D.

Enrique Testart, M.D., Global Stem Cells Group’s Chief Medical Officer (CMO), is a surgeon specializing in child trauma microsurgery.

Dr. Testart is also a medical entrepreneur and founder of Consortia Innovas S.A. in Santiago, Chile, dedicated to consulting and clinical health management for clinical management firms and research and development-oriented planners in the latest treatments in regenerative medicine as they become available.

A native of Santiago, Chile, Dr. Testart’s medical studies took him all over the world, including orthopedics studies under the direction of Prof. Jean Paul Metaizeau, M.D. in France.

He is in charge of all Global Stem Cells Group divisions and programs in Chile, including patient recruitment through Cellgenic, medical training and certification through Stem Cell Training Inc., and everything related to the sale of equipment disposable through Adimarket.

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