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Global Stem Cells Group and Portal Medestetica to Launch Latin American Stem Cell Portal

The Global Stem Cells Group is joining Argentinian Portal Medestetica to launch to promote education and cutting edge science throughout Spain and Latin America. has announced plans to team with Portal Medestetica, the largest physician portal in Lain America, to launch, a new portal dedicated to providing physicians in Spain and Latin America with relevant information, clinical research news and products relating to stem cells and regenerative medicine.

The new collaboration between Global Stem Cells Group and Portal Medestetica will answer a growing need to expand the reach of high-impact news, studies and breakthroughs, and significantly advance the clinical utilization of stem cell research and clinical trials throughout Latin America. The site is designed to help promote the latest state-of-the-art developments in regenerative medicine as they become available, and to share educational content with physicians throughout the region.

“ will be the ideal vehicle to promote education and cutting-edge science throughout the region,” says Ricardo de Cubas, founder of Global Stem Cells Group. “The potential of regenerative medicine and stem cells therapies inspiring the medical community to find real opportunities to repair or replace tissue damaged from disease, relieve pain and provide the potential for curing chronic diseases where no cure existed before.”

The site is aimed at fostering growth and ethical development in the fast-moving field of stem cell medicine by filling a gap in the resources available throughout Latin America. The goal is to elevate the delivery of stem cell science in order to impact the lives of many patients worldwide.