Global Stem Cells Group and Revita Life Sciences Announce Joint Venture to Establish a Stem Cell Training Course in Delhi, India | Stem Cells Course

Global Stem Cells Group and Revita Life Sciences Announce Joint Venture to Establish a Stem Cell Training Course in Delhi, India

Global Stem Cells, Inc. has announced plans to establish a stem cell training course in Dehli, India, in collaboration with Revita Life Sciences of Dehli, May 22 and 23. and Revita Life Sciences have announced plans to present the adipose and bone marrow stem cells course hosted by Himanshu Bansal, M.D., May 22-23 in Delhi.

Revita Life Sciences is a biotech company based in Dehli that specializes in stem cell research, training and clinical applications protocol development in regenerative medicine. Stem Cell specialists from both Global Stem Cells Group and Revita will participate in the two-day training program designed to help medical professionals bring stem cell therapies to the physicians’ office.

The adipose-derived harvesting, isolation and re-integration training course for the advancement of stem cell procedures is a two-day, hands-on intensive training course developed for physicians and high-level practitioners to learn techniques in harvesting and reintegrating stem cells derived from adipose (fat) tissue and bone marrow. The objective of the training is to bridge the gap between bench science in the laboratory and the doctor’s office by teaching effective “in office“ regenerative medicine techniques.

About Revita Life Science:
Revita Life Sciences is a biotechnology company that provides complete support to patients from their first inquiry through stem cell therapy performed by a Revita Life Science specialized physician.
Revita’s primary objective is the development of stem cell therapies that target areas of significant unmet or poorly met medical need. Years of research and experience have resulted in substantial improvements in the health and condition of patients suffering from a variety of illnesses through stem cell therapy, even where other treatments have failed.

Revita Life Sciences’ skilled team of physician use fresh, biologically intact stem cells extracted directly from the patient (autologous adult stem cells) to eliminate any risk of rejection. The result is personalized stem cell therapy created especially for them.

Revita Life Sciences is carrying out research, training and clinical applications-protocol development in regenerative medicine, with emphasis on autologous adult stem and progenitor cells possessing regenerative capabilities for clinical application. For more information, visit the Revita Life Sciences website.