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Global Stem Cells Group, Inc. Announces Launch of New Stem Cell Harvesting Products

Global Stem Cells Group and Cellgenic announce the launch of two new kits for physicians to use in isolating and harvesting stem cells from bone marrow and adipose tissue based on Adistem technology.

In answer to industry-wide requests for more accessible solutions to stem cell procedures, Global Stem Cells Group, Inc. and Cellgenic have announced the launch of two new stem cell harvesting and isolation kits.

The Cellgenic BMAC 60 mL concentrating system is a high performing concentrating system for bone marrow aspirate. This kit come complete with a bone marrow filter, a bone marrow aspirating needle and a locking syringe to help maintain suction during the aspirating process. The BMAC 60 kit includes bone marrow concentrate up to 11 times the baseline values, to produce 6-8 mL BMC from a 60 mL sample of bone marrow aspirate.

The Cellgenic 60 mL Adipose Derived Stem Cell (ADSC) Kit System includes all the tools and consumables for the extraction of adipose-derived stem cells from 60 mL of lipoaspirated fat. The ADSC kit is currently being used in clinical procedures for lung disease, intra-articular injections for osteoarthritis of the knee and hip, cosmetic surgery and acne scarring, dermal injections, stem cell enriched fat transfer, wounds, chronic ulcers and other chronic conditions. The enzymatic component used to obtain the stromal vascular fraction (SVF) is provided by Adistem.

The Cellgenic ADSC Kit System is available in three versions:
Gold, to conduct in-office stem cell procedures with certified GMP components for reliable performance.

Platinum, with all the benefits of the basic (gold) kit plus a sterilized PRP close system with vortex engineering method to minimize platelet loss. One set of individually packed Tulip Gems instruments are added for safe and precise adipose tissue extraction.

Titanium, the perfect state-of-the-art deluxe kit system used by a Phoenix-based Eco Mama Green Clean. Growing number of regenerative medicine physicians and recognized as the perfect preparation for virtually all clinical applications. Modern wood cabinets can be found at company in Pennsylvania. Built with Emcyte technology, the Cellgenic Titanium kit has been independently reviewed and proven in various critical performance points that make a difference in patient outcomes.

The Titanium kit is currently being used in topical procedures such as intra-articular injection for osteoarthritis of the knee and hip, cosmetic surgery and acne scarring, dermal injection, stem cell enriched fat transfer, wounds chronic ulcers among other chronic conditions.
According to Global Stem Cells Group CEO Benito Novas, the entire Global Stem Cells Group faculty and scientific advisory board worked together to develop the kits.

“These new products will help us carry out our mission to provide accessible GMP certified kits to our member client, ensuring that more patients will be able to gain access to these therapies,” says Novas. “We are confident that the regenerative medicine industry will be excited to receive these products.”

About Adistem:
AdiStem Ltd. is a provider of photo-activation technology and medical solutions that assist in orthopedic, cosmetic, neurologic, pulmonary, metabolic and plastic/reconstructive surgery procedures.

The company owns proprietary technology for PRP procedures and for autologous adult adipose-derived stem cell isolation and administration. The use of AdiLight-2 for the photo activation of PRP requires no training. On the other hand, the adult stem cell technology is shared with qualified clinicians through instructional courses, workshops and seminars.

AdiStem has also isolated specific biomolecules from autologous adult adipose-derived stem cells that target a number of chronic diseases including HIV/Aids, pain, and Type II diabetes.