Stem cell therapy’s future | Stem Cells Course

Stem cell therapy’s future

Stem cells from adults were found to save the lives of leukemia patients through bone marrow transplants more than 30 years ago. Since these stem cells were able to help treat leukemia and lymphoma, many scientists tested to see if this treatment can have other beneficial uses as well, such as treating other diseases and injuries. In the 80’s and 90’s, this started the Stem Cell debate, and although that has become much calmer of a debate, we are still waiting to see the boom of medical advancements promised by stem cell researchers.


While researchers may have over-exaggerated the exact benefits that stem cell therapy may have had, we at Adimarket knows that there are many more benefits of stem cells than we currently know. We just need to give it a little more time for researchers to understand the knicks and knacks of how stem cells interact with the human body.


What Are The Different Types of Stem Cells

The first while after stem cell research began, most of the time was spent learning about the two types of stem cells. These types are Adult, and Embryonic. Adult stem cells are used for bone marrow transplants and a few other treatments. Embryonic stem cells have proved to be too impractical to be useful.


A few decades later, in 2006, researchers in japan found a new way of using adult stem cells. They learned how to basically reprogram adult stem cells to act more like embryonic stem cells, and can become whatever cell type is needed at the time. These new cells were called Pluripotent, or iPS, stem cells.


While these cells were, in practice, viable, they did not come without complications. For instance, the new iPS cells became prone to mutation over time, leading to cancer in some instances.


Making The Research More Targeted

While the problems became a setback for some, it actually helped us to understand stem cells in the long term. Today, the focus of stem cell research is more about targeted therapies mainly used to help tissue damage, and this make sense.


Since cell reprogramming is no longer used as a method, stem cells taken from a tissue can only be used to create that same tissue. For instance, stem cells taken from a joint can only be used to make the tissue that the stem cells came from. This limits what stem cells can currently do at the present time. However, we believe that these limits are not permanent, and researchers will eventually find new and exciting ways to utilize stem cells.


Until then, Adimarket is happy to provide the equipment necessary to allow practices to utilize Platelet Rich Plasma and Stem Cell therapies. We hope that our equipment can be used to offer more treatment options for patients who are suffering from injuries and arthritis.


PRP and stem cell therapies seem to have a pretty bright future ahead of them. If you are a doctor or own a practice, you can be a part of this future by purchasing our equipment. If you have any questions for us, or want to know more, you can visit our website.

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